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Fix Printing Queue Stuck in Windows 10


Printing Job Stuck and Other Problems

Almost every one of us needs to print documents or books on a frequent basis. Windows 10 does quite well with printers and printing jobs, but recently there has been a huge influx of reports in which people complain that printing job is stuck in Windows 10. Windows 10 creates a queue to print documents. The queue is based on first in first out basis. But this queue could create a lot of problems. Window 10 memorizes its printing jobs quite well. For example, if I am printing a book, and change my mind in between the printing process, I’ll have a “cancel” option. But the problem is that the cancel option doesn’t work smoothly. Printing queue gets stuck in Window 10. This creates issues in new printing jobs. If you are facing stick at printing Windows 10 issues, here is how to fix them. Fix Printing Queue Stuck in Windows 10

You can fix stuck printing queue issue in Windows 10 by stopping the spooler printer service. You will want to right click on the windows icon in the bottom left hand corner from that, you can now open the "Run" command and type the following command.


After you hit Enter, you will see a list of services. Move down the list and search for “Print Spooler”. Right click on the service. You will see an option to “Stop”. Click on it to stop the stuck printing service in Windows 10.

Leave the services Windows to open. You can now go back to the queue and stop the stuck printing services. It will be easy to stop the printing services because the spooler will not register hits.

Now, without closing the services window, just open File Explorer from the Start Menu or Taskbar. Now click the address bar in the File Explorer window and type the following address in the bar:


Hit Enter.

You will see a list of files. These are the files which are stuck in the printing service in Windows 10. Simply select all of these files and delete them. This will free the stuck services cache and you will be able to free up the stuck queue of Windows 10 printing.

Remember the Services windows which I’d told you to leave open after we ‘Stopped’ the printer Spooler? Go back to that window and right click on the ‘Print Spooler’ service and click on ‘Start’. This will start the stuck printing services in Windows 10.

You can now give new commands in Windows 10 to print documents and stuff.

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